Excel Therapy O2


EXCEL THERAPY O2 globally works on the main signs of ageing, activating and strengthening the skin’s defences to prevent and stop the process of premature ageing.

The key to Excel Therapy O2 lies in two exclusive ingredients, based on skincare and nanocosmetics, which globally work against the consequences pollution and environmental stress cause on our skin, while strengthening its defences against them.

CYTOKINES = Cellular communication


O2= Cellular oxygenation        

The main components of the line, MPC-DEFENSE COMPLEX and LIFE CYTOXYGEN, are now reinforced and complemented with a complete protective shield against the silent enemies that endanger the skin, LARGE ANTI-POLLUTION TECHNOLOGY:

- A GROUP OF BIOCOMPATIBLE POLYSACCHARIDES cover the skin with a Triple Anti-pollution Shielding (Air, Solar and Domestic pollution) avoiding the adhesion and penetration of toxins and polluting particles (PM 2.5, VOCs).

- The original BLUE LIGHT BLOCK technology works as a Digital Anti-pollution Shielding blocking oxidative stress generated by the overexposure to the blue light (HEVis) of screens, smartphones, tablets, led lamps, etc

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