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Balancing Perfecting Serum

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The definitive solution for skin that despite the passing of time cannot completely eliminate facial imperfections and spots. Specifically corrects and prevents the problem of imperfections and excess oil on the skin, stopping its cycle.

You will notice the change on your skin*:

Mattified, with less shiny spots 90%
Excess oil is reduced 85%
Finer texture 98%
Pores are less visible 75%
More luminous 83%
*Effectiveness test on 40 volunteers with an average age of 32 during one month of application morning and night.

Recommended for all ethnicities.

Indicated for
Skin from 25 years of age onwards with a tendency to oily/combination.
At specific periods (season changes, stress, hormone changes, etc.) when the skin experiences excessive oil.

– Oleanolic Acid: balances excessive sebum secretion.
– Ingredients of plant origin, Manuka Concentrate and Willow Extract: guarantees the balance of the skin flora thanks to its prebiotic activity.
– Combination of Oligosaccharides: reduce the unaesthetic appearance of dilated pores. The skin spot is smoothed and reduces its shiny appearance.
– Salicylic Acid and Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid (NDGA): prevents pore obstruction and minimises the appearance of imperfections.
– Innovative natural hydrator: captures, retains and assimilates water in the skin in an immediate and lasting way.

Presentation: 50 ml.

On cleansed skin, apply morning and night a small amount on the face, neck and décolletage and massage until totally absorbed. Next apply your usual treatment cream.

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