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Correcting Moisturising Cream



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Reconciling facial care

Hydrating anti-erythema and anti-irritation. Reduce the number, size and intensity of the uncomfortable redness, both if it is temporary or persistent. Soothes, softens and reliefs, restoring the skin's relief and comfort.

Its corrective green pigments cleverly neutralize redness.

  • 100% Relieving action *.
  • Visible results in just 4 weeks **.

* Percentage of satisfaction in clinical study with 30 volunteers after 2 months.
** Clinical effectiveness test on the level of erythema / redness and improvement of the skin's texture with Mexameter® probe, Colorimeter® probe and Visioscan® equipment carried out on 30 volunteers.

Indicated for:   hydrating daily skin with a tendency to reddening, sensitive or sensitized.


- SKINBIOME REPAIR . Helps rebalance the skin's microbiota and restore the barrier function.
- CALMEXPERT COMPLEX . Powerful anti-redness activity. Homogenises the skin's tone. Strengthens the skin's self-defense capacity.
- CORN PHYTO-ACTIVE.  Improves skin tolerance of sensitive, irritated or fatigued skin. You have soothing, smoothing and relieving action.

SPF20 (UVA + UVB filters)  and correcting green pigments that unify the skin instantly.

Presentation:  50-ml dossifying tube. Airless technology.

Application:  Morning and night.

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