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Fundamental Moisturising Cream



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It stimulates the natural defense systems and reduces susceptibility to irritation. Hydrates soothes and comforts even the most reactive skin. The texture of the skin improves significantly *. The sensations of tightness and discomfort disappear and the serenity necessary for facing daily stress returns.

  • 97% calm and relief **
  • In just 5 days + 39% hydration, -31% transepidermal water loss ***.

Two textures, rich and light, adapted to each type of skin .

* Effectiveness proven with clinical tests on skin roughness, smoothness and desquamation.
** Percentage of satisfaction in clinical study with 30 volunteers after using the Fundamental Moisturizing Cream - Rich for 4 weeks.
*** Clinical test carried out on 30 volunteers with Corneometer probe after using Micellar Water Gel + Fundamental Moisturizing Cream - Rich.

Indicated for:  daily hydrating treatment for sensitive skin.

- SKINBIOME REPAIR . Helps rebalance the skin's microbiota and restore the barrier function.
- EXTRACTS OF BERRIES OF TASMANIAN PEPPER .  Soothes sensitive and reactive skin. Immediately relieves the sensation of itchiness and burning. Reduces erythema caused by UV exposure.
- SENSIPEPTIDE.  Strengthens the skin barrier. Improves hydration. Prevents desquamation.
- INMUGLUCANE .  Recovers the skin's defense capacity. Soothes irritation. Minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.
- CORN PHYTO-ACTIVE.  Improves skin tolerance of sensitive, irritated or fatigued skin. You have soothing, smoothing and relieving action.

Without colorings.

Presentation:  50-ml dossifying tube. Airless technology.

Application:  Morning and night.

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