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High Repair Hands & Décolleté

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High Repair Hands & Décolleté

Darkspots and Signs of Aging Corrective Treatment
Signs of Aging do not only show on the face.

Beauty is a whole, a group of harmonious details of which hands and décolletage are an essential part. Very fragile and delicate areas that, like the face, are constantly exposed and require the same attention.

"Do not let your hands and décolletage reveal your age"

TIMEXPERT SRNS HIGH REPAIR HANDS & DÉCOLLETÉ is the anti-ageing solution for hands and décolletage. This sublime cream with melting texture is a true youthfulness treatment with global action for mature skin that includes high SPF30 solar protection designed specifically to work against the evidence of the passing of time typical of these areas:

  • Hyperpigmentation: Senile darkspots
  • Diffuse redness and dilated capillaries
  • Signs of ageing: Flaccidity, lack of density and wrinkles
  • Dryness and dehydration
  • Signos de Envejecimiento: Flacidez, falta de densidad y arrugas

Perfecting effectiveness based on epigenetics

From the first application its photo-correcting pigments fade imperfections.

Day after day, darkspots and imperfections progressively disappear; juicy and plumped up the skin appears smoother, effectively protected and hydrated it reflects again its beauty and youthfulness.

Indicated for:
Mature skin that presents darkspots, imperfections and signs of ageing such as flaccidity, loss of density and wrinkles.


 Powerful depigmentating action that significantly clarifies senile darkspots and prevents their appearance.
 Strengthens the skin’s self-defence capacity, softening diffuse redness and small veins.
 Globally reduces all the signs of ageing: lines, wrinkles, flaccidity and extreme dryness improve; reduces the perceived age of the skin.

Offers extra protection and nutrition:

• High solar protection UVB SPF30 that works like a preventive therapy against the signs of photoageing.
• Intense nutrition and hydration: Karite Butter provides comfort and a velvety finish effect.

Presentation: 75 ml


  • ON THE DÉCOLLETAGE, on cleansed skin morning and night and after having applied on the face and neck the usual treatment cream, apply HIGH REPAIR HANDS & DÉCOLLETÉ on the décolletage and massage until totally absorbed with smoothing, upward movements.
  • ON THE HANDS, in the morning and at night and repeat the application when needed. Apply on clean, dry hands massaging from the wrist to the fingertips. For an intensive repairing cure on the hands apply more amount of product and cover the hands with cotton gloves.

Applying High Repair Hands & Décolleté with a good massage helps to smooth, relax and revitalize the skin of these areas.  

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