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Pollution Defense Cream

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Youthfulness Activating Oxygenating Cream

A new generation of anti-pollution treatments with powerful anti-aging ingredients that provide the skin with a high dose of oxygen, strengthening its defenses and reactivating its internal self-regeneration capacity.

A "second skin" blocks the potential damage of the 4 silent enemies (air, solar, domestic and digital pollution) may cause to it.  

Suitable for:  Especially for dry skin. A nourishing, melting cream with silky touch that immediately provides the comfort dry skin needs.

Formula:  Contains MPC-Defense Complex, Life-Cytoxygen, Triple Anti-Pollution Shielding and Blue Light Block that works like a Digital Anti-Pollution shielding.

Presentation:  50 ml.

Application:  After cleansing and toning the skin, apply 1st Essence before the cream to enhance the benefits of the Youthfulness Activating Oxygenating Cream every morning and night on face, neck and décolletage.

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