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Booster Generator of Light and Youthfulness

A true cosmetic jewel capable of reaching the youthfulness of the face through luminosity, clarity and transparency. A prodigious generator of "new light" inside the skin thanks to its cellular detoxifying capacity, managing to smooth the skin micro-relief, the dermis recovering firmness and reducing the dischromias of the skin.

The face immediately acquires an incredible effect of light halo thanks to the Triple Light Action . 

Indicated for
Skin that needs a provision of luminosity, clarity and transparency.

A true formula creator of luminescence thanks to the Triple Light Action . 

1. The powerful ingredient D-Tox-Cell is a remarkable advance in the cellular detoxification *. This powerful complex helps the cells eliminate the internal toxins that suffocate the skin, giving place to a restructuring of the dermis: correct cellular renewal, reorganization of the collagen fibers, firming of the dermis, reduction of the size and depth of the wrinkles .
For all of this, the light spreads out again through the skin, which is much more transparent, and the shadows that eclipse its light disappear.

2. Avantgarde soft focus technology: millions of microspheres that contain tiny luminescent diamond minimizes the appearance of the irregularities of the skin's relief and it acquires a radiant appearance.

3. The Wheat Bran Extract works specifically on the first stages of the melanogenesis on the key enzymatic proteins involved in the pigmentation of the skin.

And a derivative of Vitamin C (VC-IP) with depigmentation effect, generator of collagen and anti-oxidation is combined with the Triple Light Action . 

* In vitro test

Refined silky texture in a rosy mother-of-pearl tone. 50 ml.

Daily, morning and night, after cleansing the skin, apply on face, neck and décolletage. Next, use your usual treatment cream.
Exceptionally, if the climate is very hot or the skin is normal-combination, you can apply only the facial serum.


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