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Germaine de Capuccini reaches a new level of perfection for the skin with Refinition refining illuminating booster . A powerful serum, highly concentrated in sophisticated ingredients, that instantly transforms the skin, correct the tone, the texture and the wrinkles, restoring the beauty typical of youthfulness. 

It has a rich and incredibly silky texture. Oil-free.


Indicated for
All skin types and all ages. Especially skin with first expression lines and wrinkles, as well as darkspots, redness, dilated pores, acne marks, dull skin and with roughness.

Triple skin correcting technology 3HD Correction, high-definition correctors:

1. HD Tone Correction - Tone correcting technology
2. HD Texture Correction - Texture correcting technology
3. HD Lines Correction - Wrinkle correcting technology

Presentation : 50 ml.

Every day, morning and / or night, after the Correction cream lines / wrinkles or the usual treatment cream.  

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