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SOS Intensive Care – Facial Balm



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Facial Balm

Immediately relieves and helps face adverse reactions. A small dose, applied globally or locally, relieves and comforts. In just a few days the balm regulates the mechanisms involved in reddening and irritation. The skin recovers uniformity, smoothness and calmness.

After 4 weeks of application*:

  • -96% desquamation.
  • -94% sensitivity.
  • -91% redness and irritation.

* Percentage of satisfaction in clinical test on 90 volunteers after using the SOS Intensive Care – Facial Balm for 4 weeks.

Essential for…

  • Adapting to sudden climate changes.
  • Giving a fast solution to a cosmetic intolerance.
  • Relieving skin irritated after shaving, depilation, a peeling, etc.
  • Neutralising the discomfort the skin suffers from specific flushes (for example during the menopause).

Immediate action. In less than 2 minutes it soothes the sensation of pruritus and stinging*.

*Clinical examination on the control of time in the soothing action of SOS Intensive Care with measurements of the Stinging Text carried out on 20 volunteers.

Indicated for: Emergency soothing treatment for sensitive or sensitised skin. Instant effect.

SKINBIOME REPAIR. Helps rebalance the skin’s microbiota and restore the barrier function.
SENSIPEPTIDE. Strengthens the skin barrier. Improves hydration. Prevents desquamation.
INMUGLUCANE. Recovers the skin’s defence capacity. Soothes irritation. Minimises the risk of allergic reactions.
PLANT EXTRACTS. (Berries of Pepper from Tasmania, Daffodil Bulb and Liquorice). Soothe sensitive and reactive skin. Immediate relief of the sensation of itchiness and burning. Reduces erythema. Reduces redness, itchiness and desquamation.
HYDROGENATED LECITHIN. Reduces desquamation and restores suppleness. Reduces irritation produced by chemical agents.

Presentation: 30-ml tube with dropper. Anti-return technology.

Application: as intensive care apply morning and night before the usual treatment. It can be used at any time during the day as an emergency repairer.

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