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THE CREAM GNG approaches the challenge of reversing the passing of time on the skin thanks to a multi-genic action to revert the ageing of the cells.
The latest great bet of Germaine de Capuccini has consisted in providing the skin with ingredients capable of restoring the “young skin” genetic profile to an aged skin.
A “cosmetic jewel” for the senses. Its texture, developed with extreme care, caresses the skin with utmost elegance.
The result: a new future of youthfulness.
The cream really transforms the skin’s texture.

Indicated for
Dry and very dry skin.

Worked with the meticulousness of a goldsmith until finding GENAGE-CONFIDANT, an extraordinary complex of ingredients of plant origin with multi-genic action capable of reducing the age of the skin cells.  Its extremely high level of effectiveness makes it possible to modulate the expression of various genes involved in cellular ageing, activating the gene of the Telomerase and reducing the level of expression of the microRNA.

GENAGE-CONFIDANT is joined by a unique association of powerful ingredients:
L.P.A., Hyaluronic Acid and a Multi-lamellar Complex with Ceramides.

Presentation: 50 ml

Use in the morning and/or at night after cleansing first the skin. With the help of the spatula (included in the case) take a small quantity of the cream and apply it with a massage on the face, neck and décolletage.

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