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UV Urban Shield SPF 50

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An essential daily care treatment that protects the skin against UV rays and environmental pollution, which are responsible for premature aging, dull skin tone and the appearance of darkspots.

Its ultra effective formula is made up of powerful ingredients and is capable of working as a true protective "shield".

Ideal as makeup base. Light, invisible and silky texture.

Indicated for
It is suitable for all skin types, especially for that skin exposed to environmental agents and skin requiring extreme protection.

Multi-Block Detox: a neutralising anti-pollution ingredient of biotechnological origin that provides a high level of protection against the effects of environmental pollution. Repairs cellular deterioration on the different skin levels in depth and protects against oxidation caused by free radicals, while preventing new aggressions.

MPC-Defense Complex: Enhanced Mixture of Cytokines, an advanced complex that improves the skin's vital processes.

UVA / UVB Sunscreens: with a strong level of protection against the negative effects of the sun.

Presentation : 30 ml

Mornings on face and neck after your daily treatment cream or emulsion.

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