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Volumising ultra-correction care lips and contour

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An intensive treatment that is capable of smoothing out and hydrating the skin of lips and contour making them appear with an enhanced natural beauty.

It protects the skin against the signs of aging, while providing deep hydration and an exceptional volume effect.

Indicated for
All skin types.

MPC-Defense Complex: improves cellular communication.

Life-Cytoxygen: activates cellular oxygenation.

GHK Tripeptide and Hyaluronic Acid.

Exceptional emollient: imitates and increases many protective functions carried out by the natural lipids of the skin, especially of young skin.

Cocoa, mango, karite and coffee butters: provide a subtle protective and regenerating film that immediately hydrates, softens and smoothes out.

Presentation : 15-ml tube

After exfoliating with the Gentle exfoliator and contour lips , apply the Volumising ultra-correction care lips and contour with gentle lissages and circular movements on lips and contour. Next, apply your usual treatment cream.   

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